How Law Firms Can Start Q1 On The Right Foot



2023 was a  good year for the legal sector, with many law firms experiencing a rising demand from Q2 onwards. Despite this, law firm owners mustn’t sit back on previous successes and instead find new ways to leverage growth, particularly at the start of the year.

After all, “Q1 is the time when expectations are set, routines are embraced, and the most important internal alliances are formed in support of critical goals.” In short, the first few months of 2024 will set the tone for the rest of the year. 

With that in mind, here are some simple steps that law firm owners can use to ensure they start Q1 on the right foot.


Find your niche. 

Finding your niche (or “blue ocean”) is one of the easiest ways to set your firm up for success in the new year. This is because it allows you to cater to a more specific audience while improving the standard of services you offer. In many cases, this can give you a competitive advantage over firms that offer more generalized support to their clients.


Prepare for oncoming challenges. 

While it is impossible to predict precisely what challenges will alter the legal landscape in the coming months, some have already begun to present themselves. Careful research into these topics, such as financing constraints and AI technology, will enable you to put your best foot forward. For example, you could use this as an opportunity to update your contingency plan or participate in additional training. 


Think about succession planning.

Most Americans will retire between 60 and 65, though this is not strictly true within the legal profession. In fact, “nearly 15% of lawyers work past the age of 65”, according to a recent report from Clio

However, while more senior members of your team may be willing to work for a few more years, many are now approaching retirement. This means you need to have a plan to protect your firm upon their departure. After all, you’re losing not only a colleague but also a valuable resource. For this reason, law firm owners should prioritize succession planning in the coming months. 


Get your taxes together.

Q1 is often dubbed “tax season,” meaning that business owners must use this time to file and submit their taxes. Failure to do so can have severe legal and financial implications, which means there’s no excuse for being unprepared in this area. 

Despite this, many firm owners admit to being inexperienced in tax planning, making tax season particularly nightmarish. Fortunately, that’s where we come in!

At FinOp Group, we’re on hand to help our clients navigate tax season with their heads held high, whether that be through tax planning or budgeting support. If you want to learn more about our comprehensive range of financial services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.


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