LinkedIn For Lawyers: How To Make Digital Networking Strategies Work For You



There’s no denying that the way in which we network is changing. While in the past, the majority of networking was carried out in person or at events, most of this work is now carried out digitally. 

There are many reasons for this. For example, the rapid expansion of the digital world means we’re now able to connect with other professionals across the world, allowing for broader networking opportunities. Furthermore, your digital presence can also be a great way to source more clients for your law firm.

While there are many different methods of digital networking, LinkedIn proves time and time again to be the most beneficial for lawyers. 


Why is LinkedIn useful for lawyers?


LinkedIn is useful for both lawyers and law firms in many ways: 


LinkedIn For Lawyers: Digital Networking Strategies You Should Try Out Today 


LinkedIn has over 875 million active members, which means a generic profile may not work wonders when it comes to expanding your network or career prospects. 

Here are some simple strategies you should try out today in order to network like a pro. 

Use a professional headshot. 

While you may be tempted to use your favorite selfie or latest Instagram picture as your profile picture for LinkedIn, a professional headshot is best. This is because it helps you to appear more professional – and other legal professionals and potential clients are more likely to take interest in your profile as a result. 

For example, a recent study found that “pages with these types of photos were found to have 21 times more profile views than those of other users. Additionally, they received 9 times more connection requests and 36 times more direct messages.”

Stand out with a high-quality headline. 

The majority of LinkedIn users keep their headlines simple by writing out their job title or the company they work for. However, crafting a unique headline that provides the reader with deeper insight into your work or values is much more engaging. 

According to Clio, you should “use your tagline to speak to the searcher directly, whether you’re looking to connect with clients or potential employers. Tell them what’s on your profile and let them know what to expect.

Add detail to your job descriptions.

Many users view LinkedIn as a virtual resume, meaning they often write brief descriptions of previous roles and duties instead of using them as an opportunity to properly highlight their skills. 

As a result, you should write detailed paragraphs that explore your duties and successes within both your current and previous roles. Where possible, make sure they include the ‘buzz’ words that recruiters or clients will be searching for, to boost the visibility of your profile. 

Make valuable connections. 

Sending out connection requests to others within your industry is a great way to expand your network – meaning that you should not wait for others to approach you directly. Don’t be afraid to make the first move!

However, you should also ensure that you customize each connection request. This not only increases the likelihood of your request being accepted, but it also showcases your professionalism. 

Ask for endorsements. 

You likely already have curated a list of key skills and competencies for your LinkedIn profile, however, this does not always work in your favor as they are self-reported. For example, anyone can add ‘teamwork’ to their profile – regardless of whether or not they have ever worked in a team environment. 

As a result, asking people you’ve worked with previously to endorse these skills will help add to your credibility. In many ways, these endorsements (which can be given with just a few clicks) work as mini-testimonials.


Final Thoughts


With millions of daily users, LinkedIn should play a key role in your daily networking strategy, regardless of your 2023 goals. As a result, now is the perfect time to check over your profile and ensure that it is up-to-date and primed for success.

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